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Hello! My name is Elisa Yazdani and I am a rising sophomore at Washington & Jefferson College which is located about an hour away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am majoring in biochemistry with a minor in psychology and am on the pre-health track. My biggest dream is to work alongside researchers that work with bionic limbs which incorporate both fields of orthopedics and neurology which interest me very much. This summer I decided to get involved in research and focus on research that has to do with neuroscience/psychology which is why I chose to intern at the Duke University Medical Center. I am completing an 11 week internship, check out my journey week by week here!

I grew up about 45 minutes from the heart of Duke University's campus. Duke University is world-renown for its research and contributions in the medical field. The lab I am interning at focuses on studying neurobehavioral cognitive effects of addiction in rats and zebra fish as well as developmental effects of different drugs and pesticides. For the summer, I will be working on a project studying the effects of THC on development of rats. Through my college, I have received the Franklin Award which is a scholarship awarded to me through the Magellan program. The Magellan program aims to provide students the opportunity to explore and research areas of interest on their own (to read more about Magellan, click here). Check the blog to learn more about my adventures!

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